About this tool.

TermSuggest.com was developed by Joe Hall. Joe Hall is an SEO consultant and web developer at Hall Analysis. TermSuggest.com uses Google’s Query Suggest API to populate popular terms for content marketing research.

How this tool works.

When a user inputs a term in the field above a request is sent to the Google Suggested Query API. The response from the API is a list of suggested popular terms or queries that are related to the user’s term. We then add modifiers to the user’s input to expand the list of results from the API.

A to Z 

With this modifier we include each letter of the alphabet with the user’s term to get the most popular queries that include a word that starts with each letter.

Example API request:

ducks a


With this modifier we include a “question word” preceding the user’s term to get the most popular queries in the form of a question for the user’s term.

Example API request:

what ducks


A preposition is a word that usually expresses a relationship to another word in the clause. Ducks in the lake.

Example API request:

ducks in

Your List

At the top right of each group of results there is a button that says “Add to Your List”. When users click this button the results found in this group are copied over to the “Your List” tab within the main tool view. Users can use this feature to collect groups of terms that they want to export. When the user is ready to export their list they can click the “Copy Your List” button to copy the list to their computer’s clipboard.

Known Bugs/Caveats

No API results for this modifier at this time. – The API provides related terms and queries that Google collects directly from search engine users. If a term requested has a low search volume it is likely that the API will not return very many results. Other tools that use this same API ignore API responses with no results. We have decided to include results sets that do not include results to give greater context to the term’s relative popularity within the API’s dataset. If you encounter this response a lot, try a different related term.

No Search Volume or other metrics. – This tool relies on a single free API from Google. This API does not provide search volume or other metrics that are normally expected with keyword research tools. There are other APIs and datasets that do provide this information, however at a cost. To keep this tool free, we’ve decided to forego including these metrics. Instead you can use this tool as more of an “ideation helper” or for term discovery for further analysis outside this tool.